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Monthly Sky Maps

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Monthly Sky Map for Latitude : 32 deg      Local Sidereal Time : 03:17 (rounded)

Download eps format version of the map

How to use the
monthly sky map?
The map describes the celestial sphere visible from a given location on Earth (described by its geographic latitude) and given time. The black circle mark the horizon, while the dots marks the position of stars. The size of the dots corresponds to the star magnitude while the color corresponds to its spectral type (or effective temperature). The gray zone mark the patch of the Milky Way Galaxy . The lines describes the constellations .
The maps does not include the position of the planets .

Credits: The monthly sky maps are product of the Tel-Aviv University Astronomy Club
The maps may be used for non-commercial purposes only. Any use of the maps requires written permission from TAU AstroClub (contact page).

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