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Date: 24-07-2019
Day in year: 205
Julian Day: 2458688.417 (at local midnight)
Local Sidereal Time at local midnight: 20:25:24

Sun   Sun   (at noon)
R.A. 08:13.9        Dec. +19:53       
Distance 1.016 au
Apparent solar long. 121.25°
Equation of Time: -6.5 min
Morning Evening
Rise/Set 04:49 18:44
Civil Twillight 04:22 19:11
Nautical Twillight 03:49 19:44
Astronomical Twillight 03:14 20:19
Illuminated fraction: -0.61 at local midnight
R.A. 1.24 hours     Dec. 2°     Dist 401 x103km.
Rise: 23:12       Set: 11:18

Albedo Topographic
Moon Phase

The planets

Equinox: J2000.0 date        Geocentric positions for 00 TDT time
Planet R.A. Dec. Delta Elong Mag Phase Diameter Const Rise Set Transit Additional
J2000.0date [au] [au] [deg] [mag] [frac] [arcsec] [HH:MM] [HH:MM] [HH:MM] Information
Mercury 07:50:31.707:51:36.0+15:59:50+15:56:520.5960.429-
Venus 07:47:06.607:48:13.6+21:52:27+21:49:341.7220.719-5.9-3.90.9910Gem04:2118:2311:23
Mars 09:06:10.709:07:14.2+17:49:10+17:44:332.6331.66113.21.81.004Cnc05:5219:2912:40
Jupiter 16:54:05.016:55:15.2-22:06:22-22:08:104.5265.285134.2-2.51.0044Oph15:2301:2920:26 Central meridian
Satellites curves
Satellites midnight
Saturn 19:08:52.219:10:02.7-22:11:42-22:09:429.06210.048165.30.91.0018Sgr17:3703:4722:40 Saturn rings
Satellites midnight
Uranus 02:16:11.702:17:14.1+13:06:46+13:12:0319.91219.838-
Neptune 23:18:09.223:19:09.7-05:37:48-05:31:2329.24129.935-

Sky maps

for 20:00 local time
for 22:00 local time
for 00:00 local time
for 02:00 local time
for 04:00 local time

Active Meteor showers: 5
Piscis Austrinids
South delta Aquarids
alpha Capricornids
North delta Aquarids

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Important comment: The data in this page (unless otherwise noted) is calculated for midnight of date. If for example, you are interested in data for the night of 2008 August 17/18, insert the date "18 08 2008". Note however, that in this example, the Moon/Sun rise/set will be calculated for the day of 2008 August 18!
Accuracy: The sky maps are plotted for the nearest whole
local sidereal hour.
The rise/set times are accurate to about two minutes and are given relative to the local horizon. Note, that the actual rise/set times depends on the atmospheric conditions.